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In the emerging digital world, ranks of filing cabinets may be a relic of the past. Nevertheless, in most offices, a tremendous amount of paper documentation is being churned out. A section of this paperwork will contain information that falls under the data privacy laws and will need destroying. At Grange Archive Services, we offer a confidential shredding service in Birmingham for businesses that ensures you remain compliant with the Data Protection Act.


Beside our confidential shredding service, we also destroy many other types of sensitive media and corporate branded items such as magnetic tapes, CDs, DVDs, PCs and work terminals, work clothing and uniforms.

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Confidential Shredding


Our team of skilled individuals can efficiently collect sensitive documents before destroying them offsite. Upon collection, we ensure that all paperwork is secure in purposely designed bags and boxes. When we have completed the confidential shredding of your documents, we will provide you with a destruction certificate. Collection can be arranged at your convenience as a one-off or ongoing service.


Grange Archive offers secure document shredding and confidential waste disposal services. With a trusted reputation throughout the region, and a proven track-record in the confidential shredding industry, we are perfectly situated to help you to manage your confidential waste. We are highly experienced in providing secure document shredding services and can destroy a range of confidential documents, including payroll records, personnel files and more.

Home Shredding Service in Birmingham, Solihull

Businesses are not the only ones who need to securely destroy paperwork they no longer need to keep. Individuals can also benefit from our service to clear out old bills, tax forms, receipts, and junk mail offers, helping protect their private information from prying eyes. Our personal shredding service in Birmingham & Solihull is affordable, convenient and secure to use and helps the ever growing ‘work from home’ sector.

Paper shredding and hard drive destruction.

Paper shredding / hard drive destruction is the perfect way to get rid of confidential data that is no longer needed in a business. Grange Archive Services offer both on-site and off-site shredding services, and provide a certificate of destruction to prove that your papers and/or hard drives have been disposed of securely. We can remove all the risks associated with confidential data disposal and in doing so, we reduce the exposure to your business. It is not just papers and hard drives that we shred, we can securely destroy uniforms, ID cards, badges and personal protective equipment too. We value trust, integrity and security, and that’s why you will be in the safest of hands.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who needs to use shredding services?

    Despite the rise of paper-free offices across all business sectors, there are still many businesses that need to run paper-based systems. These businesses at some point might want to securely dispose the sensitive data. So, in order to dispose confidential data, they need to use shredding services.

    How secure is your shredding service?

    All of our staff are fully trained and DBS checked. We shred offsite with our recycling partner Smurfit Kappa. We provide you with a destruction certificate in line with BS EN 15713/2009 standards

    Do you offer bulk shredding?

    Yes, we can complete large scale shredding jobs from various locations including offsite storage units, basements and unused offices. We can collect directly in the boxes they are stored in or provide shredding sacks if needed

    Do you provide a shredding service for individuals?

    Yes, we provide a shredding service for private individuals as well as companies / organisations.

    How do I pay for your services?

    We invoice all our customers following the completion of the shredding.

    How does your service work?

    Grange Archive will schedule a convenient time to conduct a site survey. They will discuss your requirements and offer you the best service to fit your needs.

    What items can be shredded?

    We destroy all types of confidential paperwork, sensitive media including magnetic tapes, CDs, DVDs,PCs, work terminals, work clothing, uniforms and company branded items

    How does document storage and records management work?
    • You decide which records are to be stored and we collect them from any location
    • We can provide a full inventory and packing service along with storage boxes
    • For organisational purposes, each box is given a unique reference code which sits alongside your own internal reference.
    • If necessary, each individual file can be bar-coded, depending on your exact business requirements
    • Grange Archive Services will securely store your items, while you enjoy more space, peace of mind and increased productivity
    • When you need a document, file or box simply contact us and the item can be dispatched to you without delay
    • We offer a variety of time frames for delivery to best suit your business needs including express delivery
    • We also cater for harder to store items such as design/blueprint tubes, media tapes and individual case folders


    When you hire a company to deal with the destruction of private company documents, you need to know that you are dealing with a firm, you can trust. At Grange Archive Services, we have vast experience in handling and destroying company paperwork. All of our employees are DBS checked and highly trained to carry out their job as professionally and efficiently as possible. If you would like us to quote for confidential shredding services in Birmingham, Solihull, Tamworth, Sutton Coldfield and the surrounding areas, contact us via our online form or call our office.


    “Grange Archive look after several of our sites throughout Birmingham and they are a professional, reliable and friendly shredding company who provide an efficient shredding service. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs a cost-effective service for their confidential waste needs.”

    “Extremely efficient and competitive pricing. They offered on-site shredding which was clean and complete within a couple of hours. Will definitely use them again!”

    “Grange Archive were a pleasure to deal with. As Lawyers we need to securely destroy our old confidential files and for me, having them is the only option. Highly recommended.”

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