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Confidential Shredding

Are you looking for a confidential shredding service in Birmingham that can deal with your unwanted documents efficiently and securely? Grange Archive Services provide off-site confidential shredding in Birmingham that ensures you remain compliant with all Data Protection laws.

The problem

Identity theft is a rising scourge within the UK with criminals focussing on medical, financial and criminal identity theft and leaving considerable distress in their wake. Without confidential shredding in Solihull, sensitive documents can fall into the wrong hands and provide details about home addresses, bank details and phone numbers, which perpetrators use to commit identity fraud. They can use personal data to scam businesses out of money or use the credentials of a real employee to gain access to secure areas. With confidential shredding in Solihull, companies can dispose of sensitive paperwork safely, with security and with the knowledge that those details can never fall into criminal hands.

Our Service

As we hurtle at breakneck speed toward the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it may surprise people to realise the sheer volume of paper that offices still produce in a digital world. A percentage of all this paper will undoubtedly contain information that under data privacy laws will need destroying, and this is where we can help.

We provide first-class confidential shredding in Tamworth to help companies adhere to the Data Protection Act. On the agreed date and time our team of expert document handlers will arrive at your premises to collect any sensitive records before removing them to an off-site location for destruction. Before collection, our team will inspect to confirm that all of the sensitive paperwork is securely fastened in purposely designed bags and boxes. Once the entire process is complete and the documents destroyed, we provide all clients’ with a destruction certificate so they can demonstrate their compliance with the law. As part of our confidential shredding in Tamworth, we offer to shred as a one-off service at your convenience or as an ongoing arrangement.

Sensitive media destruction

In alignment with our confidential shredding service, we also provide sensitive media destruction assistance. Similar to our shredding destruction, our team will arrive at your premises to collect the sensitive media before taking it away for destruction. The type of media we destroy can vary from PCs, work terminals, DVDs to corporate branded items such as uniforms that criminals can use to impersonate employees of a company. By employing both our confidential shredding and media destruction services, you ensure your companies total compliance with the law.

Trustworthy and professional

One of the chief considerations when looking for a company to carry out destruction services is their trustworthiness and reliability. We have widespread experience and knowledge in dealing with document destruction within the framework of the Data Protection Act. As such, we go to great lengths to make sure all of our employees are of the right standard. All of our team are DBS checked and fully trained by dedicated staff to carry out their work efficiently and professionally. If you have a business in Birmingham, Solihull or Tamworth and require a single or ongoing confidential shredding service, call us today.