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Is Confidential Shredding Important for your Peace of Mind?

Data is one of the most valuable assets, helping companies understand and improve their business. Your office files and documents often contain data that is sensitive and confidential and when the Papers keep piling up, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage store sensitive data.

Since the data in these documents may be confidential, you need to invest in a company that can efficiently destroy your sensitive paperwork and electronic documents in order to adhere to data protection and data privacy laws.

Our Confidential shredding service is a reliable, safe and cost effective way to destroy sensitive documents and records. Document shredding is one of the most critical business decisions any company can make.

Safe and Reliable Document Destruction: –

Unauthorised access to confidential data poses a serious threat to the business and reputation of any organisation. Therefore, business owners or managers should take every step to fix the security loopholes and implement effective measures to prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. Confidential document shredding is one of these measures. Since these documents contain sensitive data, professional shredding services follow strict measures in handling, transportation and destroying paperwork. Keeping in mind the sensitive nature of work, it is important that you deal with a company you can trust. Always verify the history and reputation of the company destroying your confidential documents. Hiring an experienced confidential shredding firm will take the weight off your shoulders and help you focus on other important aspects of your business.

Comply with Data Protection Laws:-

Secure information disposal is very important to any business. Destruction of confidential information is critical for protecting the privacy of your clients and employees. As a responsible business owner, you would want to take every step to protect confidential customer data and comply with all applicable data protection and data privacy laws. Hiring an experienced confidential shredding company ensures that your old, outdated and unwanted documents are securely destroyed. It also fulfils your obligation to the data protection act and keeps your clients and employees safe from identity theft. Outsourcing your destruction needs to a shredding service provider, protects your business data from identity theft and data leakage. It also saves the time and resource of your employees. Hence, considering the economic and legal compliance benefits; it makes sense for businesses to outsource their document disposal needs to a trusted shredding service.

Sensitive Digital Storage Media Destruction: –

In today’s technology driven world, we rely heavily on digital storage media such as hard disks, CDs, DVDs, USB Sticks to store and retrieve information. These devices can store huge volumes of data and are more vulnerable to theft due to their small size. A lot of information stored on these digital storage devices can be sensitive and confidential, therefore, proper disposal is paramount and required by law.

Even if you have deleted data from digital media, sensitive information can be easily recovered with the right software / hardware tools and specialised skills. Therefore, finding a sensitive media destruction specialist is very important to ensure that your confidential data is permanently destroyed.

Secure Off-site Shredding: –

Shredding services use collection containers that are placed in appropriate locations in the company premises. Trained professionals collect these containers at scheduled service intervals. All paperwork is secured in specially designed bags and transported to a secure destruction site.

Confidential shredding by professionals ensures that the destroyed documents cannot be put back together. This prevents confidential documents from being reconstructed and the information contained in them cannot be compromised.

Certificate of Destruction: –

Shredding is the proven way of getting rid of paperwork securely to help safeguard confidential information. Once the shedding of your documents is complete, you are provided with a destruction certificate for your peace of mind. A certificate of destruction is a document provided by the shredding service provider as a proof that all sensitive documents and sensitive digital materials have been destroyed in compliance with applicable laws. It serves as a verified record that your sensitive documents have been destroyed safely.

At Grange Achieve Services, we understand the importance of secure confidential shredding and are renowned document storage, archive services and confidential shredding company in Birmingham. With over five decades of experience in shredding services, you can be confident that you are in safe hands.