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The potential perils of in house shredding

The law requires all businesses and organisations to dispose of confidential information securely and transparently to mitigate the possibility of identity theft. Most companies seek a specialist shredding service in Birmingham to perform this legal requirement, but some organisations still prefer to keep their shredding in house. However, there are inherent risks in carrying out shredding documents yourself instead of employing a professional shredding service in Birmingham.

Don’t get caught
Unless you pay full attention to what you are doing when shredding documents or credit cards, it’s all too easy for hair, fingers and ties to become entrapped and cause physical injury. If you haven’t received adequate training on operating a large shredder, you are best leaving it to the professionals.

Risk of fire
With any shredding device, prolonged use will cause a build-up of dust particles that, if ignited, can potentially cause the machine to explode. If an office space, a small fire could quickly escalate into a devastating blaze that can damage furniture and buildings and pose a risk to life. Hiring a shredding service in Birmingham that can remove documents and safely destroy them offsite is the best option for complying with the Data Protection Act.

Problems associated with dust inhalation
Shredding massive amounts of confidential paper documents will inevitably generate dust that can get into your eyes and throat if you don’t wear appropriate PPE, causing various health problems. To protect your employees against such health risks, you should always use a fully-trained shredding service to safely dispose of sensitive information and issue a Certificate of Destruction when the process is complete. If you want to take advantage of a professional and competitively priced shredding service in Birmingham, contact Grange Archive Service today.