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What happens to your documents after we collect them?

Although many office spaces in Birmingham and across the UK run paper-free operations nowadays, many businesses within all sectors rely on paper documentation that will inevitably involve some shredding. But what happens to paper documents once we collect them, and how do we dispose of them in compliance with the law?

The collection process

After we have arranged a convenient time to collect the documents identified for shredding in Birmingham, we will issue you all the relevant documents, including a Waste Transfer Note, to show that the possession of the waste has been transferred to us. Once all the paper has been sorted, we will transport it to our waste partner at their secure location for shredding.

The shredding process

Our waste partner will load the paper and cardboard onto conveyor belts that lead to the shredder. Once the documents have been shredded, they are fed into a baler that will neatly bale all the paper for transporting. The recycled paper is then used for packaging and sent to paper mills to be turned into leaflets, newspapers, catalogues and many more paper products. The whole process ensures that any paper waste that we collect from you will be handled and processed in a compliant and reliable manner. At this point, we will issue you a destruction certificate following BS EN 15713/2009 standards.

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