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Which is best? Lockable wheelie bins or office shredding consoles.

When arranging a regular shredding service in Birmingham, the best option is to use a lockable wheelie bin or an office shredding console. Unless it’s a one-off job, in this scenario, the most efficient storage option for shredded waste is a specifically designed shredding bag. For regular shredding services involving more significant volumes of paper, is it best to use a lockable wheelie bin or an office shredding console?

The advantages of a lockable wheelie bin

The primary advantage to using a lockable wheelie bin for your routine shredding service is the amount you can cram inside. If your office in Birmingham is spacious enough to accommodate a lockable wheelie bin, you can benefit from a large container big enough to hold six shredding bags. It will reduce the frequency of collections needed and make for a much more efficient and cost-effective service. However, we appreciate that wheelie bins are not the most aesthetically pleasing and can create an eyesore within the office.

The benefits of an office shredding console

If your office space is limited, or you can’t stand the sight of wheelie bins, then perhaps consider using an office shredding console for your shredding service needs. They have a compact size that allows you to stow them away in the office without anyone noticing they are there, but they can only house the equivalent of two shredding bags at any one time. If you would like more information on our shredding services in Birmingham, contact our team today.