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Why a small business should consider a regular shredding service

Since the Data Protection Act update in 2018, the UK is aligned mainly with EU GDPR, which means business must deal with people’s personal information fairly, lawfully and transparently. A large company can afford to invest capital in systems to deal with such issues. Still, for small businesses, in Solihull, large scale shredding of documents can be time-consuming and resource-heavy but fear not. At Grange Archive Services, we offer a comprehensive, completely secure and competitively priced shredding service in Solihull.

How it works

You might believe that shredding documents is relatively straightforward, but there are several steps we have to obey to ensure the process is compliant with the law. When we collect documents, we use secure bags and boxes with security tags to guarantee everything is lawful. After we have taken the records offsite and destroyed them, we will issue you with a Certificate of Destruction, so there is total transparency around the shredding process.

So what are the benefits of a shredding service?

The main benefit of using a shredding service is the time and effort it saves your organisation. We can arrive at your convenience to collect the documents before taking them away, and you can sign up for a one-off job or regular collection and shredding, depending on your requirements. Our service is efficient, affordably priced, and leaves you with the assurance that any personal documents in your control are disposed of legally. All team members are DBS checked and fully trained to process the destruction of sensitive documents, so if you own a company in Solihull and would like a free quote, contact us today.