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Why confidential shredding is crucial for companies in Birmingham

The implementation of the GDPR policy has made the task of confidential shredding for companies in Birmingham and across the UK more important than ever. Our shredding service involves collecting sensitive documents from your office before taking them to an off-site facility to be responsibly destroyed. So, if your company in Birmingham isn’t already taking advantage of confidential shredding, here are a few reasons why you should.

Protect confidentiality

All businesses produce reams of documents containing sensitive information about their employees and clients. By hiring a trustworthy waste management service, you can delegate the destruction of sensitive data for complete peace of mind and mitigate the risk of identity theft.

Boost your customer confidence

When dealing with customers that work in industries with lots of sensitive data, such as law or medicine, it pays dividends to inform them that all their data that falls under GDPR will be destroyed correctly and responsibly. It enables you to instil confidence in your customer base and help foster trust.

Outsourcing confidential shredding is efficient

Paper shredding machines can be an expensive outlay that you need to teach staff to operate safely while paying for maintenance – not to mention the additional cost to your electric bill. Therefore, it makes far more sense to outsource your shredding needs to a professional company that knows how to handle sensitive data. It’s also a good deal more convenient for your business and allows your employees to focus on the tasks critical to your company. Contact our friendly team today for more information on our confidential shredding service in Birmingham.